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My husband and I were in Spain in our home and we realized we were friends at the same time, so have agreed to meet in a small luxury hotel in the mountains. We arrived at the same hour, an hour before dinner and registered We shower came and met our friends for tubegals dinner. The food was great and, of course, the wine was so good. We sat after dinner in the lounge, with a little wine. After an hour or so, our friend Allan suggests that we should search a little. It was a beautiful leisure pool with sauna, etc and went to watch the January 00 tubegals open. Allan thought it would be to get a good idea in the bathroom in our room and made available to tubegals comply with a sauna. Bob and I went to our room, and stripped of his clothes. None of us had underwear. We met back in the pool area, each has a towel from the attendant and went to the locker room. We have removed all our clothes and put towels around us and went into the sauna. Allan ad Sue were there first, into three types that were already there. tubegals The boys were completely naked and how we got to Allan and Sue were removed only a towel. I looked at Bob and he shrugged, and moved tubegals our towels. It was not long before three boys left, so the four of us on our own. Now, I had not seen one in a bathing suit much less naked, so it was a bit of the first corner. I decided to row down, make sure the kids a good look at my shaved pussy got. Sue Sat leaning back with eyes closed, Allan patted his leg while talking to Bob. It was hot, the wine kicked in and I felt hot. Bob has announced plans to go swimming, is there anyone to join him. Sue thought it would be a good idea and cool slightly. I said I was tubegals fine, and Allan said he would keep me company. As the door closed Allan came and sat next to me, it was the mmy thigh thigh. I was just wondering what would happen therethe next. Not long time coming. While we were chatting away, gently placed his Allan hand on my leg three to four inches above the knee and fingers inches from my pussy wet. He said he had a fantastic body and I was disappointed I did not see in all its glory. Stupidly blurted out that he thought his body was good and I liked the look of his cock. That was it. That was all I needed. Her hand moves up and his fingers touched my labia pushed a little longer, until a couple of fingers penetrated by the inner sanctuary. I had already come. He asked me if I enjoyed it and should continue. Yes, I said get into the wave of orgasm that cock of yours tubegals inside me now, before they return. Following the instructions, you just that. It was fabulous. It was hot, it was wet and I would return. He burst onto the side view of me and thought I would never sink, kept coming and coming, I've never been the face so that I know. endd out and went to the pool to tubegals swim with our partners. It was a greta to end a great fuck. Bob and Sue do not lose either, because they were always out of the pool again in the sauna that I did in the ear of Susanna, who had a wonderful dust just whispered to her husband and she should be doing at the same time with my husband. was a good rest and no doubt do it again.
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